Ride About Pakistan



The Pakistani government mandates that you provide a letter of invitation with your visa application.
Through its parent firm Saiyah, a registered tour operator with the Department of Tourist Services with ID-
1147, Pakistan Bikers may help with issuing the Letter of Invitation.

To operate a motorcycle in Pakistan, you must have an international driver’s license. For travel
insurance, we advise acquiring an international driver’s license. Please inquire about the requirements of
your insurance company.

You must have your own international travel insurance that includes an adventurous travel add-on.


The greatest bikes for the roads in Northern Pakistan are the Suzuki GS150, RX3 250, and Honda
Bros NXR 200. These bikes are also a lot of fun to ride. Our knowledgeable staff members regularly
inspect and maintain our motorcycles.

Over some of our adventures, you’ll be riding a lot off-road on rocky, uneven, dusty, and
unpaved areas. You might even have to cross creeks and ice on occasion. We presume that
participants in our tours and freedom rides are experienced bikers capable of handling such

One of our staff members will give you a thorough introduction of your rental motorcycle as soon as
you arrive at our site and check-in. During the orientation, a complete damage and safety inspection will
be conducted.

You very certainly can! Along with a bike, we also give you protective gear for your elbows, knees, and


You will receive a helmet from us as well as protective knee and elbow pads. Some riders choose to
bring their own safety equipment, including helmets.

Rain suits are available for purchase at most locations, but we do not rent them.

Leather and fabric rental jackets are both offered. Jackets are another thing you can buy from us.


No motorcycle model comes equipped with seat belts. A parent or legal guardian must approve a
responsibility waiver if the passenger is under the age of 18.

Yes, we do offer airport pickup services.