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Suzuki DR 250 Djabel

7,000 / Day

Suzuki DR 250 Djabel

Model 2000
Class Dual Sport
Seat Height 34.8 In
Dry Weight 118 KG
Breaks Disk
Fuel System Carb
Fuel Capacity 35 Km/L
HP 29.0
Starter Type Self
Gear 6 Speed
Top Speed 140 KM
Ground Clearance 11.6 In



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The 4-stroke oil-cooled 1-cylinder engine generates maximum horsepower of 29 PS and delivers powerful acceleration throughout the whole rpm range. To realize easy handling for entry-level users and the maneuverability required by experienced riders, a compact engine with improved lubrication and cooling capabilities was development by adopting both a dry sump and an oil-cooled system. An ideal gear ratio was engineered for both city riding and off-road applications, including forest roads. The DJEBEL 250 is also equipped with an electric starter, large halogen headlight, wide rear carrier, and other rider-friendly features for touring.


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